Jeanne Harris Harris for City Council Position 3
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Jeanne is committed to work on quality of life issues that impact all of us:

  • Public Safety, economic development to alleviate taxes, parks, and opportunities for our youth. She is fiscally conservative and socially responsible and has worked to make Vancouver sustainable and livable by supporting smart growth.
  • Safer neighborhoods -Keeping you safe remains a priority. During her watch, public safety facilities on Vancouver's east side and updating existing facilities elsewhere were developed.
  • More parks - more than two dozen neighborhood parks developed since Jeanne's been on the City Council. Jeanne believes in keeping nature close to kids by preserving open and green space, planning that incorporates walking and biking paths, development that reduces vehicle miles traveled and options to use high capacity transit whenever possible.   Reduce, reuse and recycle are important in keeping Vancouver green and sustainable which keeps Vancouver liveable.
  • More economic development to alleviate taxes - Jeanne works with City Council, business leaders, community leaders and residents to develop and build the Vancouver Convention Center, revitalize downtown, promote job development on the east side with the NE 192nd improvements, Columbia Tech Center, and Section 30.
  • Creating new jobs - Jeanne supports the development of the Vancouver Waterfront because that means over 12,000 construction jobs, most of them union jobs, to our community. It also means 7,450 permanent jobs for our citizens, on the waterfront and directly related to the jobs created there. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to open the waterfront to the community and create a lasting legacy!
  • Vancouver's strategic plan, one that Jeanne helped create, is a cohesive, predictable plan that will enrich our livability. not destroy it. We need to stick with the vision and continue to move Vancouver forward.
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